A cloud-based visitor management system that tracks visitors, employees and contractors on-site for everything from smarter decision-making to smoother evacuations.

Safety and security is at the heart of the application. This feature-rich application is among the most highly customisable on the market, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes – even those with complex security needs.

Key features

All features are backed up by powerful reporting and insights, as well as:

● Self serve Kiosk support for iPad, OS X+, Windows 7+

● Unique visitor badge pass printing

● Photo ID verification

● Mobile app for employee/contractor sign-in and evacuation management (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

  • Better Security

    An extensive feature set that is fully customizable and can serve complex security needs.

  • Improved Safety

    Know the identities and whereabouts of all people on-site to ensure their safety.

  • Increased Compliance

    Comply with health and safety regulations to protect the people in your duty of care.

  • Smarter Data

    Monitor the flow of people on-site with central access to people presence data.

Visitor management

  • See who is due on-site, view live reports and report on past visitor data for increased safety, security and compliance.
  • Set visitor policies and restrictions.
  • Receive automatic email, push and/or SMS notifications when your guest has arrived on-site.
  • Enforce alcohol testing for visitors.
  • No more paper books and forms.
  • No more illegible records & false data.
  • Pre-register visitors
  • Visitor hosting
  • Easily manage and sign-in large groups.
  • Manage visitor garage parking occupancy.
  • Be alerted when a person on your watchlist enters one of your locations.
  • Calendar integrations.
  • Powerful reporting and insight features.

Contractor management
Manage your service providers to stay compliant with everything from attendance tracking to induction management

  • Empower contractors to manage their own data (insurance, qualification status etc) through a secure Service Provider Portal.
  • Track the movement of contractors through zones.
  • Enforce alcohol testing for contractors.
  • Alone worker management.
  • Integrations to most popular ACS solutions.
  • Tie dependancies and site orieantated rules to the access control system - eg if a contractor requires a vailid work permit or licence and it has expired - block access to site.

Employee management

  • Create an employee directory and manage presence to support your site security.
  • Run inductions for new employees and set notifications when they sign in outside regular work hours.
  • Track the movement of employees through zones.
  • Access and export employee data for / to other applications.
  • Customizable rules and actions to effectively mangage employees on site.
  • Realtime data access and reporting.
  • Time on site reporting

Emergency management
Run smoother evacuations:

  • Track which zones have been cleared in real-time.
  • View requests for help.
  • Get powerful post-emergency reporting.
  • User friendly application.
  • Realtime data avaialble to security managers / first responders.
  • Mustering report.
  • Link various methods of checki-in for employees.
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