A cloud-based visitor management system that tracks visitors, employees and contractors on-site for everything from smarter decision-making to smoother evacuations.

Safety and security is at the heart of the application. This feature-rich application is among the most highly customisable on the market, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes – even those with complex security needs.

Key features

All features are backed up by powerful reporting and insights, as well as:

● Self serve Kiosk support for iPad, OS X+, Windows 7+

● Unique visitor badge pass printing

● Photo ID verification

● Mobile app for employee/contractor sign-in and evacuation management (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

  • Better Security

    An extensive feature set that is fully customizable and can serve complex security needs.

  • Improved Safety

    Know the identities and whereabouts of all people on-site to ensure their safety.

  • Increased Compliance

    Comply with health and safety regulations to protect the people in your duty of care.

  • Smarter Data

    Monitor the flow of people on-site with central access to people presence data.

Visitor management

Contractor management
Manage your service providers to stay compliant with everything from attendance tracking to induction management

Employee management

Emergency management
Run smoother evacuations:

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