The Smartest Smart-lock

Just another way that we try add value. 

Having worked with various smart-locks for so many years, one of the things we quickly identified when setting up the business was the requirement for a quality cost effective smart-lock.

There is an absolute abundance of smart-locks available online – each one opting to be better than their closest competitor. How do you even start identifying the good from the nasty, the imitations from originals or what products are of decent quality and will work? Easy – take  20+ years of industry experience, do the research, import some samples and out them to the test…

Sourced directly from one of the largest smart-lock manufacturers in Guangzhou we settled on this product. The features and opportunities with this technology stack are endless – why settle for one technology when we can embed them all in the same lock – offering you an authentication method for every scenario based requirement you may have.

To ensure zero hassle-free type experience – all locks are supplied with a mechanical mortise – hospitality rated with the deadbolt feature. 

Super easy to install and maintain – contact us today to help you spec the perfect lock, or visit our online store to purchase your first one. 



Ideal for small offices & apartments
  • Connect to the lock via Bluetooth on your mobile app.
  • Create pin-codes and RFID cards for users.
  • Open the lock via Bluetooth app.
  • Retrieve logs via mobile app.
  • 24/7 support

Online lock

the Airbnb favorite
  • All the same features as the stand-alone lock, with the following features added.
  • Create access keys within the app and share them to your guests.
  • Open the lock via the networked gateway from anywhere in the world.
  • Retrieve logs & notifications via mobile app.
  • 24/7 support


for those that want more
  • All the same features as the stand-alone and online locks, with the following features added.
  • Access to our feature-rich hosted web-portal.
  • Customize and personalized messaging templates - branded just for you and your facility.
  • Schedule and share access tokens from anywhere in the world.
  • Take your Airbnb, bnb or botique hotel to the next level!
  • 24/7 support

Biometric reader for fingerprint authentication.

* This is an optional component. 

BLE enabled for Bluetooth communication and access. 

Wireless ready to be paired with our secure gateway - this allows you to communicate with your locks from anywhere in the world!


Built-in RFID reader for smart-cards 

Pin-pad - send and schedule codes to the lock, set user access times and more... 

 Mechanical Key Over-ride

Lock Features

  • 6 ways to unlock: WiFi APP Access, Bluetooth APP Access, Fingerprint Unlock, Card Unlock, PIN Code Unlock or Mechanical Key Unlock

  • Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere

  • You can manage a large number of locks with just one phone

  • Time-limited password settings, suitable for various scenarios e.g. BnB and Airbnb

  • Suitable for different types of mortises and doors

  • 4 different colours to choose from Silver, Golden, Black and Gray

  • Multi-level administrator settings to help you better manage your smart buildings

  • Query unlock records anytime and anywhere, the first time to know your home security

  • FPC fingerprint reader gives you the best security experience

  • Emergency power supply in case of lost power

6 ways to open your lock

APP Features

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