VIRDI / UNIS Access control solution

Unlimited users, devices and potential, – this is how we describe UNIS – the access control software platform that manages the VIRDI terminals – UNIS. 

UNIS features a full Access Control functionality as well as Blacklist User Management, Visitor Management and Real Time Monitoring of the Access Control System. A full audit trail is incorporated with a customizable reporting structure.


·         Client / Server Application / or web-based solution. 

·         Supports client connections in multiple international time zones

·         Database Options (MS Access, MS SQL, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle)

·         Real-Time Monitoring

·         Optional Integrated Time & Attendance Module

·         Optional Integrated Meal Management Module

·         Optional Advanced Visitor / Estate Management platform.

·         Unlimited Users (employees)

·         Flexible Template Management & Enrollment

·         Templates stored on the server and/or on the devices

·         Authentication on the device and/or on the server

·         Check for similar fingerprints during fingerprint registration

·         Enroll & send 1 to 10 templates per user to the applicable terminals

·         Set individual fingerprint quality levels by user

·         Visual display of fingerprint quality and score

·         Store fingerprint Template on Card (TOC) – Dual authentication

·         Assign Access Areas and Access Times to Access Groups, i.e. Day Shift, Night Shift, Management, Maintenance etc.

·         Antipassback features

·         Visitor Management (features including fingerprint storage on Server)

·         Alarm management

·         Automatic emails on Alarm

·         Blacklist Function

·         Site Lockdown Function

·         Integration to Alarm, Fire and Panic systems

·         E-Map & Popups based on Events / Alarms

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