Fleet management services / systems


In today’s economic climate, reducing costs has not only become a key strategy to survival, but also to maintain a profitable business, no matter how good or bad the economy is. Businesses have rightly focused their attention to technology as a means to monitor and reduce the operating and capital expenses.

TVSSA provides key solutions for vehicle and people management, as this is the area which is the most vulnerable to excessive expenditure. Our GPS vehicle and personal tracking devices could be one of the most important tools to assist in the management of fleet and ultimately, people. The custom reporting, along with real time monitoring, alerts and Geo-fences, keeps you abreast of your business activities at real time with the facility view history of trips on a user friendly system. The fruit of operating an effective business are real time cost saving and increasing the bottom line profitability.

We also provide a full range of vehicle surveillance solutions. Why not give us a call to find out more on how we can help you efficiently manage your fleet.

Real-time data

TVSSA Fleet management customers are provided access to monitor and track their fleet in real-time. Scheduling and delivery confirmation times have never been so easy! Our hardware also allows us to plug in a wide range of ancillary products to help you better manage your fleet;
- Temperature measurement and reporting
- Weight / load measurement and reporting
- Tyre pressure & temperatures
- Fuel monitoring
- Door sensing / passenger counting.
- PTO activation
And many more...

Accurate reporting

We provide insight into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and score based driver behavior with harsh braking, acceleration and turning, over revving and speeding and other parameters to provide an overall score.
All of our reports are integrated to the various mapping platforms that we have available - this means we can link events to exact co-ordinates and present this data in a detailed report to you.

Video & Custom integration

Need to be a little-bit more eyes on? We have a range of systems to facilitate; - incident management (pre and post), - driver behavior, - fatigue monitoring, - stock control etc? Need a picture or video stream sent to your mobile phone / monitoring center every-time the cargo hold is opened or the tank pumps enabled - no problem.

Plug and track II

Keep it simple!

DIY - Vehicle tracking solution.
If you are not looking for anything too fancy and really just want to track your vehicle with access to some valuable reports – this is the solution for you! Purchase the tracker, plug it in when it arrives, log-in to your account and you are live & tracking! AS simple as that.
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