One of our core beliefs is that we absolutely have to add value when doing business

About Us

TVSSA is a company that was formed by a group of individuals who have been experts within various industries for the past 20+ years. By combining the cross-industry knowledge of the team we have created an exceptionally powerful home for some of South Africa's most popular Security, HR and Payroll systems. One of our core beliefs is that we absolutely have to add value when doing business.


Home automation, surveillance and security solutions. 


Commercial solutions for Payroll, Attendance, Security and many other services. 


World-class industrial solutions for security, visitor and contractor management. 

Time Management & Payroll Services

TVSSA specialize in ensuring that our clients can manage their employee’s attendance and Payroll services both
fairly and efficiently.

Access Control & Security related systems

At TVSSA we understand that each client and their requirement is different. Being both agile and a product-agnostic company we have a wide range of high-end security systems available to our clients. 

Visitor and Contractor management solutions

TVSSA’s cloud based visitor and contractor management solution makes managing employee’s, visitors and contractors as easy as 1,2,3 !

Consultancy Services

With over 20 years of industry related experience, why not ask us to help you scope and document your RFI / RFQ? We can give you the tools to ensure that when you make your decision you are ensured to receive product and services that meet all your exact requirements. 

Data & Communication cabling services

TVSSA offer a wide range of services pertaining to data cabling and wireless solutions. 

CCTV Surveillance Systems & Analytics

Remote monitoring, ANPR, high-end analytics and smart camera solutions. 

FMS Fleet Management Services

TVSSA offer a wide range of FMS and tracking solutions. Commercial, personal or highly customized – we do them all. 

Custom development applications

Sometimes there is not an “out of the box” solution that meets your immediate requirement. TVSSA have extensive experience in integration and customized product builds. 

Our Clients



TVSSA is a product agnostic company we specialize in a wide range of products to ensure that we are able to put together the best fit for purpose solution for you



The most important part of any project is understanding what the requirements and dependencies are from all key role players



TVSSA are fortunate enough to have access to over 50 years of industry experience within our team. We never quote product on the first consult as we believe more heads are better than one



Once we have reviewed the project scope and put together what we feel is the best fit for purpose solution for you, we then will present the options to you in detail for

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