CCTV - Surveillance systems


At True Value Systems SA we know that all our clients requirements are unique and different. For that very reason we have built a product agnostic company that installs and supports a number of products – each with their own strengths. By doing this we are able to tailor a solution for our clients that not only meets their initial requirements, but exceeds there expectations on delivery.  

These days just about anyone can install a camera system, the two key questions that you need to ask yourself is;

1. What am I wanting out of a system?

2. What guarantees and support am I going to receive post implementation?    

We offer a wide range of solutions, each unique and application specific – why not give us a call to see how we can help you build a surveillance system that is not only cost effective, safe and secure, but scale-able and future-proof? 


Some of the products that we install and support…

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