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At True Value Systems SA we know that all our clients requirements are unique and different. For that very reason we have built a product agnostic company that installs and supports a number of products – each with their own strengths. By doing this we are able to tailor a solution for our clients that not only meets their initial requirements, but exceeds there expectations on delivery.  

These days just about anyone can install a camera system, the two key questions that you need to ask yourself is;

1. What am I wanting out of a system?

2. What guarantees and support am I going to receive post implementation?    

We offer a wide range of solutions, each unique and application specific – why not give us a call to see how we can help you build a surveillance system that is not only cost effective, safe and secure, but scale-able and future-proof? 


When it comes to home security and peace of mind … you absolutely have to make the right decision. Whether it be an early warning system, or just wanting the ability to be able to log-in remotely and check-in on your property one thing is for sure – the system has to be secure! We often find that the cheaper systems generally come close to offering similar features, however when it comes to the security & redundancy side of things they fail dismally. Ask us about some of the unique solutions that we have tailored for our happy clients – we would be happy to share some of the details and even references.    

Commercial surveillance has evolved incredibly over the last few years. At True Value Systems we insist on spending some time with our commercial clients to fully understand what exactly they require when it comes to surveillance. We then take it a step further and explore what additional value and benefits we can add to the organizations other departments by implementing a smart-surveillance solution. from GMP type installations to risk assessment and control management solutions – we have done them all. Call us today to find out more. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems were previously only accessible to government and large corporate type entities. Traditionally this technology was extremely expensive and temperamental, but as time and technology have evolved the technology has become more stable, cost effective and accessible  to markets that previously could not access it. 

– ANPR parking solutions – link & identify vehicle to automated gates and access barriers. 

– ANPR security – Monitor vehicle / traffic movement within a designated area. Flag & notify the relevant parties when a particular vehicle enters a area. 

– ANPR tracking – Track vehicles movement and  time-spans between points. 


Smart analytics and camera systems applications are here to stay. One of our core beliefs at True Value Systems SA is that we absolutely have to add value when doing business… What better way to add value than take your existing CCTV installation and let us convert it into a smart-surveillance solution. Use your existing camera’s to; 

– deploy BRT (beam replacement) technology – this means that your camera now becomes the beam that monitors for movement through / past a fixed area and notifies you when this happens. No more cables and batteries!

– Smart Site Surveillance – allow us to setup and configure a solution that actively monitors your site / residence for potential threats. Intrusion detection, Fire detection, object removal – just to name a few features that can be enabled. 

– Smart Object Identification and monitoring – use your existing camera’s to monitor and identify the difference between human, animal and vehicle movement within a defined area. A good example of how this has successfully worked for some of our clients is we train the camera’s to identify human activity within the customers property outside of operating hours. Once detected the system then notifies the client (and or monitoring company) who can then make an educated decision on what steps to take next based on the images and sample footage forwarded to them.  

Some of the products that we install and support…

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